Who are Playaz design.

We're a family run business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Founded and headed up by Paul Inkles

With over years in the design/advertising industry - Paul is well equipped with knowledge and understanding when it comes to translating what a client requests, into what they want.

Meet the players.

See what we did there?

Name: Paul Inkles

Role: Web Designer

A bit from Paul:

"When I am not creating artwork, or getting run ragged by my year old protégé, I have an absolute pile of hobbies and interests. These include:
Photography, Illustration, Fishing, Singing, Playing Guitar, Aggressive Skating, Darts, Occasional Playstation Time, Walking, Camping and Adventures with my wife and the lad to name a few."


Name: Abby Wakelam

Role: Client Support & Marketing Assistant

A bit from Abby:

"As a digital marketer, I'm pretty handy with a bunch of tools and software that help to advance digital platforms across a variety of channels. Throughout my journey, I've become proficient in a wide range of tools and software crucial for crafting and executing successful online campaigns.

From navigating analytics platforms to mastering advertising tools and harnessing the power of social media management software, I've developed a varied toolkit to drive results."