Call to Actions.

What are they?

So, you have heard people talk about a "call to action"... but you don't know exactly what it means.

Big advertisers will know what a call to action is, and so will explain to their clients (big companies) what a call to action is, and does.

It is a very simple and traditional part of advertising, but even today, plays an important role in any advert you may wish to produce.

A "call to action" basically, tells your Website's/Advert's audience what to do next. If you have seen adverts that say something like "call today to receive a free quote" or a website that may have a large button saying "click here for our best offers" they, are calls to action. They are telling your potential customers what to do.

While it may seem silly or not that important, it is a proven advertising component that plays an big role in successful advertising and so should be used wherever possible. Say for instance, you want your telephone number big on your website, in the header, because you want people to call you. Just having your number there is useful, this way people can call you, if they want to. However, having your telephone number with a message, something simple like, Call today! Tells the customer that this is what they need to do, it will play an important role in converting those visitors of your website, to callers. Which is in essence, why you put the number there in the first place.

Without a call to action, people will still get in touch, or do whatever it is you want your advert to achieve, but with a call to action, you are much more likely to attract and convert even more of your potential custom, the ones that need a little nudge.

A call to action is also a very useful way to monitor and improve your advertising methods. You might have a promotional code, something like "Quote 10 Off for a 10% discount while stocks last!…". Promo codes are a great way to monitor your advertising. Click to read about monitoring your advertising.

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